ECW was a show in Smackdown Vs Raw 2008, and is featured in GM Mode. Being shown on Tuesdays on the calender, it has five PPVs of it's own, and features in the big four along with Raw and Smackdown. The show has one championship and starts out with eight superstars. Joey Styles and Tazz are the commentary, Tommy Dreamer is the GM, and Justin Roberts is the ring announcer. 


ECW has only one championship, the ECW Championship. Unlike Raw and Smackdown, it has no special division, no tag title, and no mid card title. The title has a black strap and five pieces made of gold. The center plate features a blue globe and on both sides of the globe is a pair of baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire. A pattern of a steel cage is outlined in black and there is a red splatter on the bottom that is supposed to be blood. Outside of GM Mode, the title is held by Johnny Nitro, who is on the Raw brand in GM Mode.


In GM Mode, ECW has five PPVs of it's own just like Raw and Smackdown. However, only two of these PPVs (One Night Stand and December To Dismember) are actual PPVs. The other three PPVs are called special events, and the arena is the same as a regular ECW arena. The other PPVs it features in are the big four. 


Having only eight superstars means ECW can save money slightly better than Raw and Smackdown. Having one championship allows the GM to not have to worry about making a number one contender for every championship. Also, the ECW Championship is not like the other two world titles in GM Mode, as anyone on the show can compete for the title, even if they aren't in the top five of the Power 25.


Having only eight superstars means the GM can only make four matches per card, leaving one match slot empty and lowering ratings. Also, since ECW has one title, only one championship match can occur per show, while the other two shows can have four title matches every show. ECW is considered a bad choice for someone who wants to get GM Of The Year Award, as more than likely, all fans will be gone by the time Wrestlemania comes.


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