The ECW Title is a championship in Smackdown Vs Raw 2008. It is exclusive to the ECW brand. The original champion outside of GM Mode is Johnny Nitro.

Storyline UsageEdit

During the storyline of Smackdown Vs Raw 2008, the title is held by Bobby Lashley. Throughout the months of November and December, the PC has a choice of going after this title. If they go after it, they will fight in a triple threat match against Lashley, and Batista (if they are on Raw) or Triple H (if they are on Smackdown). After winning the title, the GM informs the PC they must give it up, as it is exclusive to ECW, and the PC can't compete in ECW in the storylines.


Unlike the WWE Title or World Heavyweight Title, anyone can compete for the ECW title in GM Mode. This is probably due to ECW lacking any other title, so allowing anyone to compete for the title will keep superstars from losing morale due to not getting a title shot. Outside of GM Mode, the original champion is Johnny Nitro. In the game storylines, the champion is always Bobby Lashley.

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