Smackdown is a brand in Smackdown Vs Raw 2006, Smackdown Vs Raw 2007, and Smackdown Vs Raw 2008. Being shown on Friday on the calendar, it has five PPVs of its own, and features in the big four along with Raw and ECW. The show has four championships, is home to WWE's cruiserweight division, and has a decent amount of superstars. Michael Cole and Tazz provided commentary, before Tazz was replaced by JBL. Teddy Long is the General Manager.


Smackdown has four championships. They are the World Heavyweight Championship, US Championship, WWE Tag Team Championship, and Cruiserweight Championship. Only male wrestlers who are Cruiserweight or Light Heavyweight can compete for the Cruiserweight championship. Only male wrestlers who are in the top five of the Power 25 can compete for the World Heavyweight Championship. Anyone can compete for the other two titles.


Smackdown has five PPVs of its own. Along with Raw and ECW, it's a part of the big four.


Smackdown has a decent sized roster, meaning it can save money easier than Raw. It can also train jobbers with it's preshow, Velocity.


Having a decent sized roster means that Smackdown can hardly afford to give superstars a break and let them rest. This may cause Smackdown to have to possibly not use some match slots on Velocity or their main card.


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